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Social entrepreneurship takes off in China [BBC]

Using Hong Kong as an exemplar, the BBC looks at the challenges and opportunities for social entrepreneurship in China if they get their relation with the central government right – thus providing a delicate and hopefully well-received return to the socialist aspect of the Chinese intention. Deng once promised that the mountains and rivers of socialist China will never change colour. In a way, this presents an opportunity for the state to work with creative ideas from its own stable in bringing a green and health-conscious update to its socialist motivation, now that it can afford to. It synergizes two aspects of the Chinese mind – the updated climb for financial gain, and the collectivist memory to do good as a way to harmonise one’s actions. Marry the two and it may just be a potent force. Will it step forward with a subsidy?

With the Solar Cooker for example, one can only marvel at the energy savings and the favours it will do the environment if 700m rural folk make the switch from solid fuels. The challenge of course, for any social enterprise is long-term adaptation. Solar’s great but it is weather-dependent, but at least there’s an option. Getting that option to stick is the next hurdle.

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Social entrepreneurship takes off in China
by Juliana Lu, Hong Kong Correspondent
Source – BBC, published September 23, 2012

We realised that in order to reach all the people who have this need, we would have to scale in a big way. And the only way to do that sustainably is by generating sustainable profits” Source – Catlin Powers, One Earth, 2012

Seven years ago, Hong Kong natives Legward Wong and Jeff Ng decided to set up a small business to tackle what they believed to be a big social problem.

In traditional Chinese culture, the elderly were revered for their wisdom and contribution to their community.

After decades of raising children and working to support the family, they used to be able to look forward to their golden years of being pampered by the younger generation. Read the rest of this entry »

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Construction tycoon tops rich list [China Daily]

271 official USD billionaires with possibly double that hiding from public scrutiny – and some good news to go along; ‘Not only are China’s rich getting richer, but they are also becoming increasingly generous, according to the Hurun Philanthropy List 2011, a ranking of the 100 most generous individuals measured by the value of their cash or cash-equivalent donations over the past year.’ I trust the spirit of philanthropy will become enculturated into the Chinese psyche. Check out the Hurun List here.

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Construction tycoon tops rich list
By Wang Zhenghua
Source – China Daily, published 08 September 2011

Source: China Daily

SHANGHAI – The Sany Group’s founder Liang Wengen is China’s richest man with a fortune of 70 billion yuan ($11 billion), according to the Hurun Rich List 2011.

The list, released by the Hurun Research Institute on Wednesday, showed that the nation’s most affluent group continued to expand rapidly this year, buoyed by China’s unceasing construction boom and growing retail market.

It has been a record year for China’s rich, despite the ongoing difficulties of the world economy. Read the rest of this entry »

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Bill Gates, Robin Li form health alliance [China Daily]

China: Bill Gates has been active in China meeting the wealthy to promote giving.

– Gates and Buffett due in China to meet the wealthy [AsiaOne/AFP] – August 25 2010

– Buffett, Gates say no pressure on China philanthropy tour [AsiaOne/Reuters] – September 14, 2010

Headlining photo story on the China Daily online today on an alliance between businessmen and philanthropists Bill Gates and Robin Li to form the “Alliance for Healthy China” and their first move? To attack smoking in arguably the world’s biggest smoking nation. According to a BBC report,Smoking could eventually kill a third of all young Chinese men if nothing is done to get them to drop the habit, according to the largest ever survey of tobacco use (though a landmark and largest survey of tobacco use with 1.25 million people surveyed)

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Bill Gates, Robin Li form health alliance
Source – China Daily, published June 11, 2011

Source – Agencies

Bill Gates (R), Microsoft Corp co-founder and co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Robin Li, founder and chief executive of Chinese search engine Baidu, put on shirts bearing the slogan: “Say No to Involuntary Smoking”, during a media conference in Beijing June 11, 2011. Gates and Li signed an agreement to form an alliance between their charitable foundations called the “Alliance for Healthy China”. [Photo/Agencies]

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Richest man gives to monastery restoration [China Daily]

Good deeds in philantropy is something the Chinese have been learning from the West, and it manifests here. What is even more interesting that countering voices are heard in state media such as China Daily –

“It’s unnecessary to rebuild some historical site which no longer exists, and what you are going to build is actually something made by modern people which has little historical or cultural value. It’s just a waste of money and resources,” a netizen named Song Hubin wrote on Tianya, a popular online forum.

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Richest man gives to monastery restoration
Source – China Daily, published November 10, 2010

BEIJING – The richest property tycoon in China promised to donate 1 billion yuan ($150 million) for the restoration of a Buddhist monastery complex in Nanjing, East China’s Jiangsu province on Monday.

The chairman of Dalian Wanda Group, Wang Jianlin, who ranked first on the Hurun Research Institute’s China Property Rich List this year, promised to donate 1 billion yuan from his personal wealth of 28 billion yuan for the reconstruction of the Grand Bao’en Temple.

A statement on the property developer’s website said Wang will donate the money to the China Charity Federation in December, and the federation will allocate it to the city of Nanjing in three stages. Read the rest of this entry »

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Buffett, Gates say no pressure on China philanthropy tour [AsiaOne/Reuters]

With the second largest number of billionaires in the world, China’s lot has certainly improved; and it seems like time to give back.

“The present generation of successful entrepreneurs has an opportunity to set an example for future generations in China,”said Warren and Gates, whose Giving Pledge has attracted 40 members who promise to give at least half of their wealth during their lifetime or upon their death.

– – –

Buffett, Gates say no pressure on China philanthropy tour
Source – AsiaOne, published September 14, 2010

BEIJING – Two of the world’s richest men and most generous donors, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, said on Tuesday they would not be putting pressure on China’s dozens of billionaires during a visit to the country to promote giving.

Microsoft founder Gates and investor Buffett said they would not be pushing mega-wealthy families to sign up to their Giving Pledge campaign because China had to develop its own culture of philanthropy.

“Some people have wondered if we’re coming to China to pressure people to give. Not at all,” Buffett and Gates said in a joint letter, in response to questions from China’s official Xinhua news agency. Read the rest of this entry »

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Gates and Buffett due in China to meet the wealthy [AsiaOne/AFP]

Cross-pollination at its best – better days ahead. For more on the Giving Pledge, go here.

“China has the second-highest number of dollar billionaires in the world after the United States, according to Forbes magazine, and one of them has already preceded Buffett and Gates’ project by donating his fortune to charity.”

– – –

Gates and Buffett due in China to meet the wealthy
Source – AsiaOne, published August 24, 2010

BEIJING, Aug 24, 2010 (AFP) – Bill Gates and Warren Buffett – who persuaded 40 US billionaires to donate a fortune to charity – will meet a select group of wealthy individuals in China next month, a spokesperson said Tuesday.

Microsoft mogul Gates and investment guru Buffett launched a project in June called “The Giving Pledge” aimed at convincing billionaires across the United States to give up most of their money – 50 percent or more – to a good cause.

Just six weeks later, 40 wealthy individuals and their families – including CNN founder Ted Turner and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg – pledged to hand over more than half of their fortunes.

A spokesperson for the project, who refused to be named, said Tuesday that while Gates and Buffett were planning to visit China in September, the Giving Pledge effort was still focused on the United States for now. Read the rest of this entry »

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