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Preferential Treatment for Foreigners (Laowai) in China [ChinaSmack] #RisingChina

If you have four minutes to spare.

Please turn on English subtitles if required!

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Preferential Treatment for Foreigners (Laowai) in China
Source – Chinasmack, on Youtube, published July 21, 2013

A recently popular Chinese video covering some of the differences in how foreign nationals are treated in Beijing (and China overall) compared to “wai di ren” (Chinese citizens from other parts of the country) when it comes to purchasing homes in the city, taxes, starting and operating businesses, having children, and getting education for their children. Chinasmack, 2013

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Jiangsu Village Gives Every Villager Gold and Silver Bars [ChinaSmack]

China’s collectivism – when and ‘where’ it works it works well as Jiangsu village party chief Li Liangbao’s promise in 2009 is made good.

In some areas entire villages, counties do well. In others, corruption is so intense the entire province does badly. (Further reading – is China’s sense collectivism under threat?) Will the rest of China’s village party chiefs get inspired?

From my travels around the province of Jiangsu and witnessing farmers owning multi-storied mansions as homes, this is not the most surprising piece of news for me.

Gold, silver and even a safe provided for each villager’s stash of 100 grams of silver and 100 grams of gold last week. That’s no small amount – 100 grams of gold makes more than 3 ounces of it. With gold prices peaking at almost $2000/oz last year, it would be a desirable thought to have working collectivism such as this working throughout China.

For more, see the Jiangsu Xing Chang Jiang Group Co.

For cross-referencing, see below:

Free gold for villagers (People’s Daily, March 23, 2012)
Golden day for villagers
(Shanghai Daily, March 24, 2012)
Chinese Villagers Get Free Gold and Silver Bars (Inquisitr, March 25, 2012)
Villagers in Golden Globe City given 100-gram bars of gold and silver (China Money Report, March 24, 2012)

Check out the video here (in Mandarin)-

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Jiangsu Village Gives Every Villager Gold and Silver Bars
by Joel
Source – ChinaSmack, published March 24, 2012

Source - China Smack

Netizens are enviously eying the spoils of Changjiang village in Jiangsu after every one of the village’s 3,000 residents received 100 grams of silver and 100 grams of gold last week. Delivering on a promise made in 2009, the village’s party chief brought in over 600 kilograms of gold and silver via the Yangtze River for distribution.

Changjiang village and its residents are the collective owners of the Jiangsu Xinchangjiang Group, a top 500 company in China, and have raked in benefits in the past including private villas for every family, stock dividends, and a previous silver and gold giveaway in 2010. Last week’s giveaway fulfills the promise made by party chief Li Liangbao to get gold into the hands of every villager. Gold was specifically requested by the villagers given its investment purposes and reputation.

At around 400 RMB ($62.50) per gram of gold at today’s market price, each resident received a windfall of roughly 40,000 RMB ($6,250). The largest amount given to a single household was 700 grams, or roughly 280,000 RMB ($43,750). Read the rest of this entry »

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Iron Man MKI Armor Recreated By Chinese Man In Shanghai [ChinaSMACK]

Popular culture cross-pollination at work. Coverage by the China Daily here.

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Iron Man MKI Armor Recreated By Chinese Man In Shanghai
by Fauna
Source – ChinaSMACK, published Saturday, June 11, 2011

A year ago, we saw a Chinese guy recreate an Iron Man arc reactor. These past few days, a young Chinese man in Shanghai named Wang Kang has become famous online after making his own Iron Man MK I armor as seen in the first Iron Man movie…

See also –

  • “Office Ironman storms the Internet” (China Daily)
  • Wang Kang’s personal blog (Chinese) which shows more photos of his homemade Iron Man armor, as well as some designs of the newer generation red and gold Iron Man armor he may build (helmet below).

Photo: Youku


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A Beijing Love Song by Feichang Fresh [Youtube]

A Beijing Love Song – Feichang Fresh, Pu Che, Wei Xiang & Jin Kun Run –
Gei Bei Jing De Qing Ge

This is not by any stretch representative about how everyone feels about Beijing. But this tiny glimpse into how some overseas students in Beijing feel about their stay in the Chinese capital has caught attention in China. The rap, entitled ‘A Beijing Love Song’ caught the eye of the Chinese public when it was broadcast on CCTV. In this instance the group Feichang Fresh (translates to Very Fresh) was started by a German student studying Mandarin in China. This song on their page on Youku has had in excess of 450,000 views, 1529 comments and 1324 favourites.

More evidence of cross-pollination which personally brings a smile. The paradigms of East versus West are certainly not as distinct here; a kind of intercultural ‘osmosis’ is evident in a tongue and cheek way! Western-styled dress, Chinese flags, and a crew of non-Chinese rapping in Mandarin with a sprinkling of English. Now this is a sprinkling of cultural evidence of a harmonious re-ascension. If youths from both sides of the antiquated imaginary line can get along, share a language and like each other, surely it is a start.

And the lyrics here – Read the rest of this entry »

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