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Sinopec in sewage dump controversy [Global Times]

On the democratisation of information in domestic China (or having learnt to act quicker than public sphere 2.0): Global Times spares no quarter on the latest environmental incident.

In fact the expose started from the state-owned CCTV. This article sheds light on the state-owned Sinopec‘s alleged misdeeds dumping industrial sewerage through flood channels in Guangdong province.

Sinopec, headquarted in Beijing was established in 1998 with a registered capital of RMB 182 billion, according to its website. The Group was ranked fifth in the Fortune Global 500 in 2011 and 2012.

This same report appears in the People’s Daily, it comes with a video segment if you have a few minutes to spare.

Lü Dapeng, a Sinopec spokesperson, leapt to the company’s defense, telling the Global Times that “our preliminary investigation shows that the issue is merely a problem of design.”

“What the local environmental protection authority has found could be a problem that may occur in the future, not something Dongxing has already done.”

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Sinopec in sewage dump controversy
by Bai Tiantian
Source – Global Times, published September 27, 2012

A subsidiary of the nation’s oil refinery giant Sinopec has been found to have been discharging industrial sewage through flood channels into a nearby river in Guangdong Province, State broadcaster CCTV reported.

The China Petroleum & Chemical Zhanjiang Dongxing Company has been circumventing environmental inspections by pumping unprocessed sewage through flood tunnels into the Nanliu River without treating it, according to the report aired Wednesday.

The plant was also caught replacing sewage samples with tap water to cheat an online supervision system, in an effort to fudge the results of the real-time pollution control network monitored by the local government, the CCTV report said. Read the rest of this entry »

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Good for the Goose, good for propaganda: China steals Top Gun clip [Guardian]

Regardless of the authenticity of the said dogfight scene, the fact that the clip was quickly removed from the CCTV website means that the propaganda machine is now quite aware that very little escapes the piercing eyes of netizen and technology.

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Good for the Goose, good for propaganda: China steals Top Gun clip
Proud bulletin on state TV news about air force training contains dogfight scene lifted from Tom Cruise movie
Tania Branigan in Beijing
Source – Guardian, published Friday 28 January 2011

China‘s air force is again under close scrutiny as internet users pore over images of its fighter pilots in action. For the second time in a month pictures of military manoeuvres – this time aired by the state broadcaster – have spread rapidly across websites and blogs.

This time the craft is not the country’s new stealth fighter; and the reaction is not excitement but amusement. Sharp-eyed viewers have spotted that a key clip came straight from the film Top Gun.

China Central Television News last week broadcast a training exercise by the People’s Liberation Army Air Force with one plane firing a missile at another. But an observant viewer spotted that the resulting explosion matches a blast from the final fight scene in the Tom Cruise movie. Read the rest of this entry »

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World Expo new energy vehicles unveiled [CCTV]

World Expo new energy vehicles unveiled
Source – CCTV, published 04 April 2010

The upcoming Shanghai World Expo will showcase 970 vehicles powered by new energy sources. They will be used to transport people inside the expo park.

The 4-seater vehicle is powered by electricity. It can drive 100 kilometers after 6 hours of charging. The 11-seater will run on hydrogen.

After supplying it with the gas for just three minutes, it can run 70 to 100 kilometers. The vehicles will transport visitors between pavilions, and on the main streets of the expo park.

Vehicle charging stations have been set up inside the park.
All the cars will be ready for use and transferred to the park in mid-April. They will highlight new “green energy” sources available to the auto industry.

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88-year-old painter finishes 200-meter-long landscape painting [CCTV]

88-year-old painter finishes 200-meter-long landscape painting
Source – CCTV, published 18 March 2010

Li Mozu and his painting. Photo - CCTV

People will be amazed by the 199.65-meter-long and 1.3-meter-high “The Great Wall” painting in the Dongsi Olympic Community. This grand painting was done by Li Mozu at the age of 88.

Li said that starting on the first day of 2006, he, acompanied by his relatives, began walking along the Great Wall through several provinces, municipality and autonomous regions like Hebei, Beijing and Liaoning. “It took me 4 hours to get to the top of the Jiankou Great Wall,” he added.

Thanks to his good health, the old man was able to finally finish the nearly 200-meter-long painting in 2009. However, the issue of how to display the work to the public soon emerged. Since the length of the painting itself is nearly 200 meters, its total length is 230 meters if text is included at the beginning and ending of the work.

Common exhibition halls are not big enough to display such a long work. To fulfill the wish of the old man, some of his warmhearted friends are looking for a proper exhibition site.

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UK, China to deepen cooperation on UN peacekeeping missions: British Foreign Secretary [CCTV]

UK, China to deepen cooperation on UN peacekeeping missions: British Foreign Secretary
Source – CCTV English, 16 March 2010

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband has called for the UK and China to deepen cooperation on UN peacekeeping missions. He made the remarks during a visit to a Chinese peacekeeping training center outside Beijing.

Miliband visited a Peacekeeping training center on the first day of his three-day visit to China, to boost ties and cooperation. He hailed China’s contribution to the world’s peacekeeping missions.

Britain has donated course materials, communication equipment and built a Self-Access Center for English Language Learning at the training center.

Miliband said he was delighted that the British government’s contributions helped the Chinese peacekeepers make a difference during their missions.

Miliband said, “I think it’s very important that we have a strategic relationship with China. That means being clear about the necessity of cooperation, the importance of two UN Security Council members working closely together, not hiding the areas where we disagree but not allowing them to obscure the areas where we can do important joint work together. And the sort of cooperation that you’re seeing at this police training center is precisely the sort of cooperation that the world needs.”

China has sent almost 600 peacekeepers around the globe, including Afghanistan, Bosnia, East Timor and Sudan.

The UK has been a staunch supporter of China sending personnel on UN missions since 2007, through the Peacekeeping English Project. Its overall aim is ” to reduce, resolve and prevent conflict worldwide through improved English language communication.”

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