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China ups lobbying game, but faces key tests in U.S., Canada [Reuters]

China Inc: Lobbying via guanxi over invasion a la tour group – how China is starting to coerce its geopolitical economic strategy a little differently? Reuters takes a close look at Chinese attempts to buy American.

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Insight: China ups lobbying game, but faces key tests in U.S., Canada
By Paul Eckert and Rachelle Younglai and David Ljunggren
Source – Reuters, published Wed Aug 22, 2012 

(Reuters) – Back in the day, before the U.S. Congress tore apart China’s proposed multi-billion dollar deals with Western companies one after the other, Beijing’s lobbying left little to the imagination.

China’s Washington embassy blasted out form letters to every U.S. lawmaker when it was upset with Congress, warning of grave damage to Sino-American relations, congressional aides recall.

One aide to a senator, who was being courted by arch rival Taiwan, was told by visiting Chinese officials “that all trade between your state and China will come to a screeching halt!” Read the rest of this entry »

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Wandering China Day 10: Reflections on the way back

On board a flight back to Australia from Hong Kong –  In the June 29, 2011 copy of the South China Morning Post (a seemingly pro-Beijing Hong Kong English language newspaper with a run of 104,000), three articles caught my eye besides the 3-4 pages dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Communist party.

China eyes Canada’s Oil Sands
Associated Press | Calgary

 Canada becomes a resource chess piece between the U.S. and China. Canada’s oil sands, seen as ‘dirty oil’ by environmentalists is the centre piece. Alberta holds the world’s third largest oil reserves, standing at 170 billion barrels, this means it has more oil than Russia or Iran. Whilst American environmentalists might scorn at the idea of oil that increases greenhouse emissions, China seems to have no such current major concern. Canada’s only major oil export market is the US, and China is waiting in the wings to pounce should green concerns prevents the Americans from having first option to these expansive resources. As it is, China intends to invest heavily in Canada, with a USD$300 billion sovereign wealth fund being parked in Toronto for its first overseas office.

China among headaches for G20 grain database
Reuters | Paris

 A global initiative to take stock of global grains seems set to face transparency issues as large countries such as China, India and Russia might be adverse towards revealing politically sensitive food policy from market forces. Additionally, the challenge of surveying geographically extensive territories compound the problem.

 And most significantly,

 Six Decades of Suspicion Finally Over
Lawrence Chung | Taipei

‘Advocators of the notion that Taiwan and China have serious military concerns can sit back, relax and take a chill pill when using cross-strait relations as a reason to impose military and strategic self-interests. A programme to allow 170,000 individual mainland tourists marks a tangible and non-rhetoric start toward mending fences between the two Chinas. Mainland visitors have been allowed to visit the island in large groups since 2008 when Taiwan leader Ma Ying-Jeou, of the increasingly mainland friendly former-foe, the Kuo Ming Tang adopted a policy of engagement with Beijing.  Close to 300 mainland individual visitors arrived in Taiwan on the 28 June 2011 marking the first time in 60 years since the KMT ‘lost’ the civil war to the communists that mainlanders were allowed to make visits individually or in small groups. Of note was one visitor who touchingly and perhaps quite representative of how the civil war tore apart many families – arrived to bring back the ashes of her late father back to Beijing for burial. I am sure it’s more than meets the eye though – from further reports I understand that movement of these visitors are regulated although there are anecdotal accounts of mainland visitors opting to stay in their hotel rooms to tune into uncensored Taiwanese news programs that have a habit of being rather critical of the communist cousins.

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China’s rich swoop on homes overseas [China Daily]

According to this report, the newfound wealth of the Chinese has not had its full impact yet. In the past six months alone, Colliers reports that ‘Chinese spent 1.3 billion yuan ($200 million) through Colliers’ international property department, with Canada, the UK and Australia topping the buying list.‘ The Chinese push had also contributed to driving the average price of a Greater Vancouver home up 12 percent in 2010. Demand from mainland immigrants now accounts for almost 30 percent of new homes in Vancouver.

And the clincher?

It has only just begun. Now this is a facet of public image China will need to manage if it continues to change the complexion of foreign communities in such ways.

The biggest increase in global billionaires since 2007 has occurred in China and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). While CIS buying activity has been strong, accounting for 15 percent of prime central London purchases by value, Chinese billionaires have yet to have a real impact, accounting for just 3 percent of prime central London resale purchases by value.

And why? – Yolande Barnes, head of Savills residential research –  “The issue at present is that Chinese buyers aren’t taking, or can’t take, their money out of China.”

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China’s rich swoop on homes overseas
By Hu Yuanyuan
Source – China Daily, published June 21, 2011

BEIJING – An increasing number of China’s rich are snapping up properties overseas in the expectation that domestic inflation will continue to rise after the consumer price index reached a 34-month high in May.

According to Colliers International, a real estate service provider, the proportion of Chinese buyers in Vancouver’s property market is on the rise. At the end of the first quarter this year, it increased to 29 percent of all homebuyers.

In the past six months, Chinese spent 1.3 billion yuan ($200 million) through Colliers’ international property department, with Canada, the UK and Australia topping the buying list. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hu visits Bombardier plane maker [China Daily]

Bombardier Inc makes some really awesome looking transportation machines! Check them out here.

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Hu visits Bombardier plane maker
By Wu Jiao
Source – China Daily, published June 27, 2010

Toronto – Chinese President Hu Jintao squeezed time out his busy schedule in Toronto to tour the Bombardier plane maker, a sign expected to further enhance the cooperation between Chinese aerospace industry and the European giant.

The event also marks the last item of Hu’s three-day state visit paid to Canada, in which Hu and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper pledged to double its trade to $60 billion by 2015. Read the rest of this entry »

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