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Bo Xilai’s Actions Create Visibility of CCP’s Internal Struggle [NTD/Youtube]

Important for observers looking for clues if the Communist Party were to implode:

Sign of cracks within by threatening the central organisation or rather; signs of ultra-red nationalism?

Am inclined to think both. Threats of corruption seem the standard ruse to distract.

Cheng Xiaonong: “Corruption is only an on-the-table excuse for CCP’s handling of Bo and Wang. The real reason behind it is Bo’s challenging of CCP’s centralization. Bo broke the rules embodied by over-stepping the power line and other improper acts to the CCP.”

For more, see:
Financial Times: The humbling of Bo Xilai (Feb 13, 2012) to find out how Bo Xilai, one of few frontrunners for a seat of the party’s 9-member politburos standing committee got ‘finished’, perhaps by antagonising too many in the past for mooting for a move back to the culture of the Mao-era

And who’s to benefit from this?

On the opposite end of the red factioned Bo Xilai is Guangdong party secretary Wang Yang (despite the recent Wukan incident though open village democratic elections now start from his province). He seems one in the style of Deng, who favours more political reform to advance. See Want China Times: Bo Xilai’s misfortune could be Wang Yang’s opportunity (Feb 13, 2012)

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Transcript below:

Bo Xilai’s Actions Create Visibility of CCP’s Internal Struggle
Source – New Tang Dynasty, Youtube Feb 13, 2012

Chongqing Deputy Mayor Wang Lijun fled to US Consulate offices to seek asylum.

Former Chongqing police chief, Wang Lijun’s Feb 8th political asylum claim was rejected by U.S. Consulate in Chengdu. Wang was escorted by seven CCP senior officials to Beijing on the same day. Wang Lijun is reportedly under investigation by the CCP’s Central Discipline Inspection Commission. And CCP Central Committee has decided to make a full investigation on Bo Xilai, based on Wang’s report.

Cornered and desperate, Bo made repeated moves recently.

The Chongqing Daily, CCP local official media, issued Bo’s handwritten letters on the front page on Feb. 8th and 9th. The news was reproduced by CCP-run Xinhua News Agency and People’s daily.

On Feb. 11th, Chongqing TV news channel broadcast Bo’s meeting with Stephen Harper, Canadian Prime Minister. On Feb. 12th, a rumor circulating online calling for a rally to support Bo, was suspected to be Bo Xilai’s own work.

Cheng Xiaonong, former Integrated Research Office director at China’s Economy Reform Institute, reviews the incident. He thinks Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun have repeatedly offended CCP’s taboo areas so will bound to get CCP’s punishment.

Cheng Xiaonong: “Corruption is only an on-the-table excuse for CCP’s handling of Bo and Wang. The real reason behind it is Bo’s challenging of CCP’s centralization. Bo broke the rules embodied by over-stepping the power line and other improper acts to the CCP.”

On Feb. 10th, Chongqing TV reported news about Bo’s visit to the 14th Group Army stationed in Yunnan province. The picture depicted Bo accompanied by military generals. The 14th Group Army was originally the New Army of Shanxi. This army was set up by Bo’s late father, Bo Yibo.

In November 2011, Bo Xilai attended military exercises of Chengdu Military Region, held in Chongqing. Prior to that, Hu Jintao found Bo’s buy-off of Zhang Haiyang, political commissar of the Chengdu Military Region. Hu Jintao quickly put Zhang as the Second Artillery Corps. Zhang Haiyang is the son of CCP’s army head, Zhang Zhen.

Cheng Xiaonong: “It’s CCP’s taboo that localized top officials have connections with the army. Such links are viewed as a challenge to CCP’s centralized military control. In reality, China’s troops are all controlled by CCP’s Central Military Commission, a very strict control.”

Recently, CCP major army chiefs like Guo Boxiong, Xu Caihou and Li Jinai, have openly supported Hu Jintao. Jiang Weiping, former northeast office director of Hong Kong’s Wen Wei Po, revealed more of the inside story. The CCP top leadership has imposed strict control over Bo Xilai through the Chongqing Garrison, according to Jiang.

Zhang Tianliang, professor at George Mason University said Hu Jintao’s earlier corruption claim had signaled a big move.

Zhang Tianliang, “I believe that Hu Jintao will conduct a thorough probe on Bo Xilai. As Hu is very cautious man. He never does anything unless he has full assurance of the facts.”

In the latest two years, Hu visited Guangdong three times.Hu openly praised the Guangdong Model started by Wang Yang. This was kernel member of CCP’s League faction led by Hu.

Yet Bo Xilai’s red culture and anti-vice campaigns have never had support from Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao and Li Keqiang. Qiao Shi and other CCP veterans in political & legal scenes called for a removal of Wang Lijun in their letters.

Boxun.com reported that Bo Xilai is currently seeking help here and there yet his political career is finished. Jiang Weiping feels that the CCP’s handling of the case of Bo and Wang will begin with Bo’s financial corruption. The family of Bo embezzled no less than 1 billion RMB, says Jiang.

NTD reporters:Li Rijing, Li Yuanhan and Zhou Tian


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