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Chang’e-2 satellite ends mission with success

China continues to enter the playground for the politics of space…

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Chang’e-2 satellite ends mission with success
Source – China Daily, published April 2, 2011

China’s second lunar satellite, the Chang’e-2, has been safely operating for 180 days as of April 1, and has reached its six-month designed life, according to the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (SASTIND).

Currently, the satellite system status is normal and stable, and the satellite has fully realized its given project targets and achieved a number of important scientific results.

The Chang’e-2 satellite was launched on Oct 1, 2010. It began its work when it entered lunar orbit after completing several key stages, such as flying to the moon, braking at the perilune, orbiting the moon and rail lifting controls. The satellite conducted high-resolution imaging and lunar exploration tasks in the 100-kilometer-long and 100-kilometer-wide circular orbit and the 100-kilometer-long and 15-kilometer-wide elliptical orbit.

Currently, the Chang’e-2 satellite is in good condition. After it completes the various given tasks in its lifetime, the satellite will further launch expanded detection tests to lay a solid foundation for completing the follow-up tasks of the second step of China’s lunar exploration project.


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