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Fresh breach in battered dike [China Daily]

The numbers are, quite simply, staggering. 29 million people affected with more than 2.3 million evacuated truly brings about a great sense of scale – an element required always, to consider China.

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Fresh breach in battered dike
By Duan Yan and Yan Jie
Source – China Daily, published June 24, 2010

A resident of Fuzhou, Jiangxi province, calls out to a rescue boat as he holds on to his child on Wednesday. The local Changkai dike suff ered a fresh breach after an earlier break in its banks on Monday. Photo: Agencies

Across South, East and Central China, heavy rainfalls and floods have killed a combined number of 211 people and left another 119 missing as of 4 pm on Wednesday, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said.

More than 29 million people in the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities – Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Chongqing, Sichuan and Guizhou – have been affected by the weather, with 2.376 million evacuated, a statement said on Tuesday.

The Fu River in Jiangxi province first burst through the protective Changkai Dike late on Monday after days of torrential rain, threatening areas near the small city of Fuzhou.

The river punched through the embankment again at 6:30 am on Wednesday.

Residents whose homes were threatened had already been evacuated overnight.

Troops in orange vests were using boats to search for stranded residents and take them to safety.

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[Singapore] Who actually benefits from our India and China Trade Agreements? [Temasek Review]

An opinion piece from Singapore’s Temask Review reveals the real benefactors of Singapore’s trade arrangements with China, and India.

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Who actually benefits from our India and China Trade Agreements?
Source – The Temasek Review, published June 23, 2010

People have always wondered why is it seems easier for foreigners to get work visas or permits nowadays. The possible reason could be the trade agreements our leaders so eagerly signed on, to increase Singapore’s Growth Domestic Product (which their bonuses and salary increments are tied to) without a thought for the negative social consequences.

The China-Singapore Free Trade Agreement

In reference to China-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (CSFTA) 23 October 2008:http://www.fta.gov.sg/fta_ceca.asp?hl=6

“The market access obligation means that a country cannot impose additional market access restrictions for these sectors, both quantitative and qualitative. For instance, restrictions cannot be imposed on: i) the number of service suppliers, service operations or persons employed in a particular service sector; ii) the value of services; or iii) the legal structure used.”

Due to the currency exchange, majority of Singaporeans will not head to China just to work in their service industry unless they are willing to uproot and live in China with expatriate terms

However, the people of China will definitely want to come to Singapore to work in our service industry to accumulate enough wealth to be able to live comfortably in China. Moreover, they don’t even have to be excessively qualified to work in the service industry in Singapore. Based on the agreement, restrictions cannot be imposed on the number of foreigners a company can employ even if they are not qualified.

Close to 70% of the world’s products are made or contracted to be made in China. So basically, we are already buying and importing made-in-China goods long before the agreement.

Singapore does not have anything that China would need in terms of goods and services. But China (as in India), do have low quality job opportunities. So, once again we have traded our job market in exchange for a country to open up their markets for us mostly for the banking industry and for investments for our SWF. Read the rest of this entry »

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