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China One was an old-fashioned roller-coaster but China Two is a much scarier ride [The Australian]

Great piece by the Australian depicting Australia’s cultural sensitivities on their own handling of rising China; I loved the imagery.

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China One was an old-fashioned roller-coaster but China Two is a much scarier ride
Terry McCrann
Source: The Australian March 13, 2010

FASTEN your seat belts. Heck, you probably need a full racing harness, as the second Chinese-driven resources boom of the 21st century promises to be the national economic and financial equivalent of the most extreme of amusement park rides.

Three big points flow from the metaphor, which mean this time it really will be different.

The new boom, what I call China Two, is picking up from not just where China One left off in 2008, but from close to its high water mark.

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Tiananmen’s dissenting voices [The Age]

June 4th is the 21st anniversary of the highly significant Tiananmen Square Incident – both because it showed a solidarity of a people beyond their political conditioning, and more importantly, it showed a face of China the rest of the world had not known before. Last year was the 20th anniversary and news on it was all over the place. Not so much this year.

Naturally there is no noticeable mention or reportage on both the official mouthpieces China Daily and Xinhua. A quick search on Google, under the search field – ‘June 4th, China’ and ‘Tiananmen Anniversary’ also found no noteworthy mentions published this year in 2010 within the first two search page returns (though it must be limited as I was searching in English, and not Chinese)

Here is coverage from an Australian perspective that notes, “…those internal wounds are still raw, as demonstrated by the effort that the party and PLA have exerted to ensure today’s 21st anniversary will pass without any public mention within China.”

Also, go here for this year’s controvesy regarding the incident, with Chinese web users trying to circumvent limitations on public discourse by publishing this cartoon – ‘Tank cartoon erased before Tiananmen anniversary’ (Committee to Protect Journalists, 2010)

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Tiananmen’s dissenting voices
John Garnaut
Source – The Age, published June 4, 2010

General Qin Jiwei (centre) with Deng Xiaoping (right), in 1984. Photo - The Age

There were heroes in the military in 1989, John Garnaut reports from Beijing.

IN May 1989 the talented commander of the legendary 38th Army, Lieutenant General Xu Qinxian, defied an order from the paramount leader, Deng Xiaoping, to lead his troops to Beijing.

General Xu took no part in the subsequent killing of hundreds of protesters around Tiananmen Square, which is now quietly referred to in China simply as ”June 4” and remains the worst incident of direct military violence against Chinese people in the People’s Republic’s 60-year history. The bloodshed split the People’s Liberation Army as it did the Communist Party and the country. ”The case of General Xu is representative of the dissenting voice within the military,” said Warren Sun, an authority at Monash University on the Communist Party’s internal history . ”Deng held a real fear of a possible military coup,” he said.

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